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Stay Near Pike Place Market

Nestled on the waterfront of downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market is a bustling tapestry of commerce and community. Established in 1907, it is one of the nation’s oldest public markets, offering a snapshot of Seattle’s cultural and culinary essence. Its unassuming red-brick facade and iconic neon sign beckon visitors into a lively maze of stalls, each telling a story of the region’s agricultural offerings.

Pike Place is no mere market; it’s a sensory immersion. The aromatic dance of fresh produce mingles with the salty breeze from nearby Puget Sound, creating an experience that defines the Pacific Northwest. Rows of local farmers, florists, and craftspeople populate the market, their stalls showcasing a spectrum of colors and textures. The iconic fish-throwing routine at the Pike Place Fish Market is more than a spectacle; it’s a tradition that has become synonymous with the market’s spirited personality.

Guests staying at our hotel near Pike Place Market will enjoy a short stroll to the waterfront market, where they can navigate the narrow alleys and feel the pulse of Seattle. The original Starbucks, a modest coffee shop tucked in the corner, serves as a reminder of the city’s role in the global coffee culture. Meanwhile, the Gum Wall, adorned with layers of chewed gum in an explosion of colors, captures the quirky, unpretentious spirit of Pike Place. More than a tourist destination, the market is a community where locals and visitors intersect amid an eclectic array of stalls and storefronts.

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Discover our charming historic hotel located right in the heart of downtown Seattle. Welcoming and warm, Mayflower Park Hotel provides guests with a comfortable stay that is conveniently located around the corner from the Monorail station and a short walk from Pike Place Market.
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In the heart of downtown Seattle

Situated on the same block as Westlake Center and the monorail station to Seattle Center, just around the corner from the Link light rail, and a mere four blocks from Pike Place Market, guests at Mayflower Park Hotel enjoy unparalleled convenience to Seattle's top attractions. Click below to explore the local culture and iconic landmarks of downtown Seattle.