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Discover Chihuly Garden and Glass

Seattle is a vibrant city, brimming with cultural landmarks, stunning landscapes, and unique attractions. Located at the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass showcases the remarkable work of Dale Chihuly, a renowned glass artist whose intricate and vibrant creations have captivated audiences worldwide. Whether you’re marveling at the delicate glass sculptures or enjoying the serene beauty of the garden, your visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass will undoubtedly be a highlight of your Seattle adventure.

The exhibition is divided into three main sections: the Galleries, the Glasshouse, and the Garden.

Galleries: The galleries offer an immersive experience into Chihuly’s diverse body of work. Each room is filled with intricate glass sculptures, ranging from smaller, detailed pieces to large, sweeping installations. The variety of colors, shapes, and textures will leave you in awe of Chihuly’s artistic genius.

Glasshouse: The centerpiece of the exhibition is the Glasshouse, a stunning 40-foot tall structure made of glass and steel. Inside, you’ll find a 100-foot long sculpture in a vibrant palette of reds, oranges, and yellows, suspended from the ceiling. This installation is particularly striking as it interacts with natural light, creating a dynamic display that changes throughout the day.

Garden: The Garden is a harmonious blend of Chihuly’s glass sculptures and the natural beauty of lush plants and flowers. Wandering through the garden, you’ll encounter brilliantly colored glass pieces integrated seamlessly with the landscape. The juxtaposition of organic forms and man-made art creates a serene and enchanting atmosphere.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Plan Ahead: The exhibition can be popular, especially on weekends. Consider purchasing tickets in advance to avoid long lines.
  • Visit During the Day and Evening: If possible, visit both during the day and in the evening. The garden takes on a different, magical quality when illuminated at night.
  • Combine with Nearby Attractions: The Seattle Center is home to other iconic attractions like the Space Needle and the Museum of Pop Culture. Make a day of it and explore everything this vibrant area has to offer.

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