Hotel Owners

Marie and Birney Dempcy

Owners of The Mayflower Park Hotel

Celebrating 96 Years...

A Note from the Mayflower Park Hotel Owners

Built in 1927 by local owners, the Bergonian (now the Mayflower Park Hotel) was one of Seattle’s finest hotels, and now 96 years later, it is still locally owned and is still an important part of our community.

When we bought the hotel in 1973, it was not our intention to become as totally involved as we did. This historic Seattle hotel had been neglected and was in bad repair.  But as the renovation of the building progressed, we, as so many others, fell in love with its emerging charm and became dedicated to its restoration.

Along the way, we were fortunate to work with wonderful employees, architects, designers and others who shared our vision and contributed ideas, dedication and loyalty. They are all part of the Mayflower Park Hotel’s family, and to them, we offer our profound thanks.  Also, much gratitude must be expressed to our partners for their incredible and unwavering support over the years.

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A Hotel is About People

Over the years, the Mayflower Park Hotel has been privileged to be a participant in the major and minor events of people’s lives-mostly happy, occasionally sad, but always important to those involved.  To our guests, many of whom have returned to us time and time again, we are deeply indebted.

For us, it has been a privilege to be caretakers of this lovely and very special hotel for the past 48 years. These years have brought us much satisfaction and joy, and we are dedicated to the tradition of making the Mayflower Park Hotel, “Quite Simply, One of a Kind.”

-Marie and Birney Dempcy