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Hotel Near T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park, situated in Seattle's SoDo district, is a key player in the city's sports and entertainment scene. Home to the Seattle Mariners, the ballpark is more than just a venue for baseball; it's a communal space where fans gather to celebrate their team, enjoy a hot dog, and relish the shared experience of America's favorite pastime.

Opened in 1999, T-Mobile Park boasts a classic yet modern design, with a retractable roof that ensures the frequent Pacific Northwest rains do not affect gameplay. The stadium's location is part of its charm, offering stunning views of Seattle's skyline and the nearby Puget Sound. Whether it's the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, or the scent of freshly cut grass, T-Mobile Park engages the senses, creating a lively atmosphere for both avid baseball fans and casual attendees.

The stadium's impact goes beyond the sports realm. T-Mobile Park is a hub for community events, concerts, and gatherings. Its central position in the city makes it a convenient and accessible venue, drawing people not just for baseball games but also for shows featuring top artists and special events that bring the community together. T-Mobile Park is a dynamic fixture in Seattle, embodying the city's love for sports, entertainment, and the communal spirit that defines the Pacific Northwest. A taxi or rideshare to the field takes about 10 minutes.

For guests looking for a hotel near T-Mobile Park, Mayflower Park Hotel is a convenient connection on the Sound Transit Link Light Rail. There is a direct train departing from Westlake Station station and arriving at Int'l Dist/Chinatown Station station. The journey includes 2 stops between stations and takes approximately 5 minutes. A taxi or rideshare to the field takes about 10 minutes, depending on traffic.

Catch a Seattle Mariners Game

From the hotel, take the Sound Transit Link Light Rail train from Westlake Station to Int'l Dist/Chinatown Station station for a quick connection to T-Mobile Park.

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Mayflower Park Hotel has been welcoming guests in Seattle since 1927. A historic hotel filled with charm and character, it boasts a prime downtown location at Westlake Center. Guest rooms are comfortable and spacious, some offering views of the city. The hotel also features a popular cocktail lounge, Oliver's, and a full-service restaurant, Andaluca. Book your Seattle stay and see what makes Mayflower Park Hotel "Quite Simply, One of a Kind."
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With its ideal location in downtown Seattle, Mayflower Park Hotel puts you within easy walking distance to many of the cities attractions and conveniently close to public transportation. Explore the iconic Pike Place Market, get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Seattle Great Wheel, or ride the Monorail to the Seattle Center and the iconic Seattle Space Needle. Click below to learn more about our central location in downtown Seattle and many of the nearby local attractions.